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Ted Hall, L.Ac.

Ted has been actively involved in the study and practice of Oriental medicine and clinical health care for over 30 years. He began his studies in 1982, and has been in continual clinical practice since 1990. His practice is broad in scope, he treats anyone for any condition, helping them to successfully take control of their own health process. Ted believes strongly in the capacity of the human spirit to heal itself and work productively with adverse health circumstances of all kinds, and is dedicated to helping people improve their lives. 

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Ted maintains a strict practice of Kototama Inochi Medicine, a form of Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy that is based on the Kototama Principle, and involves treating to the patient’s highest capacity for healing and self-embodiment/realization. More about the Kototama tradition can be found on the following page. 


Ted’s extensive training and broad clinical and teaching experience allow him to treat anyone for nearly any condition presented. Ted specializes in treating female reproductive disorders, pain & musculoskeletal problems, psycho-spiritual issues, and in building up the inner resources of his patients. He utilizes a gentle Japanese style of acupuncture, that focuses on subtlety of technique and is virtually painless compared to most styles of acupuncture.


Treatments include Kototama pulse diagnosis, traditional Japanese acupuncture, Teate handwork (similar to shiatsu), Sakai Hon Li hara diagnosis & manipulation, Kappo, moxibustion, Japanese diet therapy, supplement usage, and personal health management, along with a variety of other techniques employed in the practice of Japanese Meridian Therapy and Oriental medicine. Ted’s techniques are gentle and effective, supported by years of experience and refinement. 


The traditional Japanese approach to treatment is based primarily on pulse reading, which allows Ted to monitor his patients’ progress during the treatment process and produce consistently excellent results. The treatment process is highly interactive and involves reorganizing the patient’s energetic resources so that they are able to take the best care of themselves. 



Ted began his medical studies at the age of 18 under renowned Japanese master, Masahilo Nakazono, Osensei, at the Kototama Institute, a small Japanese acupuncture school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


Ted subsequently underwent an intensive tutorial and period of extended study & practice with Dr. Thomas Duckworth, D.K.M., earning a Diploma in Kototama Inochi Medicine, and working with Dr. Duckworth for a total of 9 years at his clinic in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


Ted later completed the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree at Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, adding Chinese herbology to his work, along with an academic pursuit of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Ted has also undertaken advanced bodywork training with Jan Sultan, also in Santa Fe, studying advanced techniques in structural bodywork and visceral manipulation. 


Ted holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors, and Phi Beta Kappa, in Language Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz. 


Ted has been in continual clinical practice for over 30 years, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Venice, California, and Boulder, Colorado. He maintains a general practice in Kototama Inochi Medicine, a version of traditional Japanese meridian therapy – more about this unique form of medicine and its origins and related traditions can be found on the next page.


Ted has also performed volunteer clinical work with Inochi Resources based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at field clinic locations in Ensenada, Mexico, Second Mesa at Hopi, Arizona, and at at-risk youth residential treatment centers in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He’s additionally performed clinical volunteer work at the Venice Family Clinic in Venice, California. 


Ted has been actively teaching Oriental Medicine for over 20 years, first at the Inochi Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico under the direction of and at the request of his teacher, Dr. Thomas Duckworth. He then joined the faculty at Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico, and later at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles, California. Ted then rejoined the faculty at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado, where he teaches as a Full Professor, and serves on the Academic Council as well as the college’s Advisory Board. Ted teaches courses in didactic theory and practical techniques, as well as teaching in the college’s student clinic, offering instruction in Oriental medical theory & diagnosis, acupuncture point energetics, treatment techniques, and traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy. 


Ted is engaged in an ongoing practice & study of the Kototama principle as introduced to him by his teacher Masahilo Nakazono, Osensei, and greatly refined by his primary teacher, Dr. Thomas E. Duckworth, D.K.M. Ted’s study of the Kototama principle forms the center of his clinical medical practice, as well as his own personal spiritual studies. More about the Kototama tradition can be found on the next page. 


Ted has also been involved in a long-term personal practice and study of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text that embodies the origins of Eastern philosophy & ideology.  He’s spent over 20 years engaged with the text, which forms the foundational underpinnings of much of the theory & philosophy of Oriental medicine. Ted’s focus has involved the I Ching’s practicality as a tool for navigating our lives and understanding more about ourselves. Ted provides I Ching consultations and teaches seminar courses on the I Ching. More about the I Ching can be found on the next page and in the blog. 

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