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Kototama + Medicine

Kototama Inochi Medicine is a style of traditional Japanese acupuncture that originated through the work of M. M. Nakazono, Osensei. Through his years of study, practice, and teaching of Aikido, natural medicine, and the Kototama principle, Nakazono Osensei created a unique and very powerful form of medicine. Combining his studies with legendary teachers such as Ueshiba Osensei, Osawa Sensei, and Ogasawara Sensei, he integrated his studies & experience to create a form of medicine that combines traditions of Japanese acupuncture & bodywork, traditional Japanese pulse diagnosis, and the principles of the Kototama. 


The result is a medicine that is rich in tradition and the authenticity of centuries of experience, and at the same time geared toward the future evolution of humankind relative to the Kototama principle. Kototama Inochi Medicine is based on disciplined pulse diagnosis, and involves a highly practical application of Japanese needle work, moxibustion, and traditional Japanese bodywork, among other treatment modalities.


It integrates the Kototama principle into the treatment format, offering a unique perspective & approach towards every condition, organizing the treatment around the life principle of Kototama. There is no other form of medicine that does this – it is unique and extraordinarily powerful. The clinical relevance and effectiveness of this medicine are unparalleled. Nakazono Osensei built this medicine and offered it to the future through his school, the Kototama Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

My Teacher

I was extremely fortunate to be able to study at the Kototama Institute during the short period of time it was open – I attended the basic two-year training program, and a few years later completed my basic studies in Kototama Inochi Medicine with Dr. Thomas Duckworth, Doctor of Kototama Medicine. Dr. Duckworth was an instructor at the Kototama Institute when I attended, and he completed an intensive 10-year study directly with Nakazono, Osensei, earning his doctorate and contributing substantively to the furtherance & development of the medicine. 


Dr. Duckworth took me in as a student and offered me a unique opportunity to study & practice with him, and it’s through his dedication and work that I really evolved and grew with this form of medicine. Dr. Duckworth taught me not just how to practice this medicine and apply it clinically, but also how to live it, and how to carry it forward. 



I maintain a strict discipline of Kototama Inochi Medicine in my ongoing practice, and I remain dedicated to the preservation and growth of this form of medicine. I invite anyone interested or curious about this phenomenal form of health care to contact me and come in for treatment. From time to time, I also offer the practice of Kototama Sound Meditation through my office, always free, all are welcome to learn & practice. 


For more information on the Kototama principle and on Kototama Inochi Medicine, please look for the following sources:  


INOCHI ENERGY MEDICINE, A Guide to Kototama Life Medicine  

This is a definitive and important upcoming text from Dr. Thomas Duckworth, DKM – please check back for release date & availability information. 

The Law And Therapy Of Natural Life  

This is one of several books written by Masahilo Nakazono, Osensei, creator of Kototama Inochi Medicine, and the founder of the Kototama Institute. Most of them are out of print at this point, however a google search will reveal various options & availability. 

The Eye Of Kototama  

This is one of several books by Koji Ogasawara, Sensei – also out of print, but may be available by searching various outlets.


And be sure to check my blog regularly for posts on my studies & process with the Kototama principle and Kototama Inochi Medicine. 

Kototama Inochi Medicine

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